Sunday, July 8, 2007

Can stars think? They do shine.

What is consciousness’ role in quantum events? Is it creator or arbitrator of events which we know as quantum probability? What would it be like to be that bit of consciousness attached to a rock or a mountain, or a quantum particle? What is an experience of the interactions of such things over their “lifetime” if indeed consciousness adheres to such things? Does level of organization determine what consciousness adheres to or does everything have a bit of consciousness in it.

Interaction is the data of consciousness.

What sort of sensory interfaces might there be for stars? Magnetic fields?

Sunday, July 1, 2007

To Expand a Bit

One day wondering down Glover-Archibold trail, I took my musing on cosmology to the point of asking the most basic question: why is there something rather than nothing? After giving this some thought, I realized that nothing cannot give rise to something all by itself. The Big Bang by itself explains nothing. And to suppose something always existed doesn't answer the question of why it exists. Much more straightforward to suppose that someone existed. Nothing cannot bring into existence something, only someone can do that, can intend that. This train of thought follows on my earlier musings on consciousness, which obviously exists but also seems to lead back to a someone rather than something. The most straightforward story to tell is that either the universe -- cosmos -- of matter and consciousness simply always was or there was a consciousness that always was that at some point intended that there be matter. What would that consciousness or any consciousness be when conscious only of itself or of nothing?