Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The 2016 Election

It's over and that is good.  The choice was not the best and either Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders might have done better than Hillary.  She carried self-inflicted wounds and the weight of being the first serious woman candidate in a country where lots of white men are still challenged by that.  (Now watch for Elizabeth.)

However, it is also clear that yesterday the global reaction against globalization – which has benefited the rich more than the bottom – came to the US with the election of Trump as President.  Not just white men felt left behind by what seems an elite project to enrich themselves at the expense of the rest.  But if the Republican conservative fundamentalists fill Trump's Administration and have their way, our country and the world will continue coming apart and there will be many losers.  Watch for encouragement of foreign extremists (and Putin) as well as chaos in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan if the US hand is removed or rejected.  Watch for Republicans ruining the economy again with more trickle-down.  Watch for those people feeling empowered now to do nasty things to others not like them (including some who may get cabinet jobs.)  Things all around could get dangerous. 
But being an optimist, one can hope that Trump will surprise in some good ways.  Perhaps centrist Congressional Republicans, Democrats in the Senate and the former Democrat version of Trump (he was one a few years back) will save us from the excesses of the campaign Trump.  Trump's victory comments were at least more presidential.  

Boy, do we ever need Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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MBishton said...

Hillary Clinton herself was the self-inflicted wound on a moribund party. Both parties are moribund; caring more about themselves than their abandoned constituencies. Trump took the Rep party because he connected with those who were left out, and rode them to victory. As nasty as he was, he would have run the Dem nomination had he run as one.

The Democratic nomination was rigged, and Sanders lost. At least the Republicans were willing to lose with the party nominee, rather than rig the outcome.

It's too soon to tell where the Trump administration will take us. He seems to want to focus on domestic issues first. He has distanced himself from a number of his campaign promises. He is all over the map; with liberal leanings on some issues, and conservatives on others. An impeachment might finish his term, leaving us with Pence.

Trump seems to be following Reagan's footsteps, leaving the details to others. That's why I'll hold judgement on domestic and international impact for a while. Though with some trepidation...